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Head Start Winter 2019 Progressive LD Staff

Tess Welch

Tess Welch is a sophomore at Western Kentucky University. She currently competes on the college NFA-LD circuit but did high school LD for four years. While competing in high school she acquired 5 career bids, was invited to numerous round robins including the Strake, Kandi King, Valley, and Minneapple round robin, qualified to TOC twice, TFA and NSDA three times, and tied for 13th at NSDA Nats. In high school, she primarily read structural violence, framework, and K’s. In college, she frequently reads util, theory, and structural violence positions. She is excited for the winter head start program to help guide and teach students! 

Michael Kurian

Michael Kurian did Lincoln-Douglas Debate at Dulles High School in Houston, TX for two years. He qualified to the TOC twice, making it to the bubble round his junior year and earning five career bids. Additionally, he made it to finals of Valley and championed the Colleyville Classic. He also reached or won bid rounds at St. Marks, Holy Cross, Strake Jesuit, the UH Cougar Classic, and the University of Texas. As a coach his students have reached bid rounds & late out-rounds at Grapevine, the University of Houston, Yale and Bronx. He is currently studying Philosophy and History at the University of Houston.

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