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dfi debate Progressive LD Head Start Fall 2019 Camp


This camp focuses on skills and case building for the September-October resolution.

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The dfi debate Progressive LD Head Start Fall 2019 Camp is designed to both improve fundamental debate skills of our students as well as get them a head start on the September-October resolution that will be used in competition. This unique wedding makes it an extremely beneficial camp for debaters of different skill levels.

The fundamental skills that this camp focuses on strengthening include, but are not limited to, critical thinking skills, using abstract and broad ideology while making it applicable for argumentation in-round, strategy on how to find and frame evidence in-round, and polishing speaking skills to be as appealing to judges as possible.

The head start that this camp provides helps students with case building and blocks. After attending the camp every student will have a strong grasp of key arguments within the scope of the new resolution, cases to use in competition, and several blocks that are invaluable in round.

Our instructional staff is comprised of former competitors and coaches, and they know how to make debate fun. Students will enjoy the experience while making strides in their debate careers. Camp will be held at Courtyard by Marriott – Houston/Galleria Area. This central location provides excellent accommodations for instruction and lodging if the student chooses as such.

The dfi debate Progressive LD Head Start Fall 2019 Camp was designed for students that have a desire to increase competitive success. The curriculum and instruction enables it to be beneficial within the Houston LD circuit.

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